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ISD Academy

ISD Academy provides student-athletes from across the world a premier education while receiving elite sports coaching in facilities honed to deliver the perfect developmental environment. Everything our student-athletes could want or need is delivered to them in a centralized, walkable campus community in the heart of the fastest-growing city in the world: Dubai.

At ISD Sports Academy, we provide athletes with a proven pathway to earn an opportunity in professional sports or receive a scholarship to a college or university in the United States. By furthering their education through our IB or AP curriculum options, our students will open avenues to high-level academic opportunities with sporting excellence at their heart.

We build upon our own established sports academies and development programs to offer year-round training regimens in football, tennis, athletics, cricket, rugby, padel, and basketball within Inspiratus Sports District.



A coach with his students at ISD Academy, ISD Sports Academy Dubai

ISD Academy offers programs for seven individual sports: football, tennis, athletics, cricket, rugby, padel, and basketball. Each program is directed by teams of globally-certified coaches delivering personalized development pathways to guide each student-athlete to their desired goal.


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Providing a supreme education is of the highest importance at ISD Academy, which is why we have partnered with the universally-acclaimed educational institute Dwight Global to deliver IB and AP curriculums, ensuring our student-athletes have every possible developmental avenue available to them. Find out more


World class sports facility at ISD Sports Academy

Located in the heart of Dubai, Inspiratus Sports District is transforming the city’s sporting scene through world-class playing venues, sports academies, entertainment parks, and more. ISD is the premier destination for those chasing sporting excellence, providing athletic training, elite competition, and a gateway to physical and mental wellness. Find out more

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why dubai

Hailed as one of the most progressive and safe cities in the world, Dubai is among the most attractive places to live, work and develop. Studying, training, and living in Dubai opens students to a world of possibilities, providing them with a strong and empowering foundation for their lifelong ambitions.

Dubai’s phenomenal growth, unparalleled services, buzzing cultural and cosmopolitan scene, beautiful beaches, and year-round sunshine have made it a top tourist, business, and sports destination worldwide. Offering students a wide range of athletic, cultural, and tourist activities in one of the world’s most diverse cities, Dubai helps students gain new perspectives while making friends and connections from across the globe. While developing their academic skills, it will also nurture their personal growth with valuable lifelong skills they will carry with them forever.

Students will also have the unique opportunity to cross paths with the world’s top athletes, who frequently visit Inspiratus Sports District for training and competitions in global events. ISD has become their destination of choice, recognized for its sporting excellence that meets each athlete’s highest standards.